World class strategic implementation programmes in digital and sustainability

At 20FIFTY Partners we help enterprise clients secure new revenues, deliver cost efficiencies, achieve environmental compliance and mitigate risk at their facilities. Our world class sustainability programmes built to international standards help ensure optimum resource efficiencies across the supply chain.

Helping organisations embed a culture of continuous learning and behavioural change is key. Also critical is the delivery of long term impact through systematic monitoring of performance.

Our role also extends to identifying and leveraging synergies and alignment across national support services – finding funding mechanisms to ensure maximum impact for both national programmes and client sites.


Phase 1


Understanding the organisational context and current interaction with environment

Assessment of Operational and Strategic sustainable targets, objectives and vision.


Phase 2

Needs Analysis

Complete an analysis of skills, competences, practices and targets, envision the future and complete a gaps analysis.


Phase 3

Design & Deliver

Design a responsive and impactful programme response

Digital & Green Twin Transition

At 20FIFTY Partners we have helped hundreds of organisations transition to a more sustainable future by leveraging digital technologies. We view the nexus between digital and green transformation, or the so called “twin transition” as an area of enormous potential opportunity for our clients in the years ahead.

By combining digital and sustainability objectives and by grounding decision making in robust data and associated analytics, client organisations can make great strides towards long term sustainable operations.

For over two decades we have worked with hundreds of clients.  Our status as a Microsoft Partner over the years has resulted in us having the opportunity to work with organisations such as the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), Tourism Ireland, National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), Heath Services Executive and many others as we designed and delivered large scale multiannual digital transformation programmes to optimise their processes and support their people to deliver more efficient sustainable outcomes.

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