For over 15 years we have worked at the cutting edge of water stewardship innovation

Our development of turn-key corporate water stewardship innovations and programmes have established Ireland as a recognised leader in the adoption of water stewardship best practice. UNESCO predict that over 40% of the world’s population will live with water shortages by 2050. At the same time demand for water is set to increase by 400%. In Ireland the EPA Water Quality In Ireland Reports of recent years outline that almost half of Ireland’s surface waters are in an unsatisfactory condition and in most areas water quality is declining and getting worse.  These problems manifest in food production, human health, sustainable business operations, and energy production as well as headline-grabbing extreme weather events.

Backed with our world class collaborative approach…

Industrial Water 4.0 Research Project

We are currently the Lead Research partners in the Industrial Water 4.0 research project. This is a 3-year EPA funded large scale research initiative focused on developing an international framework for Industrial Water 4.0. This project aims to support organisations in the digitalisation of their industrial water management and water stewardship practices and provide a guidance for delivering tighter integration with industrial production and municipal water management. In 2021 we won the prestigious Water Innovation Europe – Water Governance Award for outstanding contribution to the development of Water Stewardship programmes and practices for businesses in Europe

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