We want to help Ireland achieve its targets under the Climate Action Plan

At 20FIFTY Partners, we believe the cumulative impact of actions will make a huge difference. Our job will only be done when our clients achieve sustainability excellence across their operations. For us this extends well beyond a focus on net zero. It means working collectively with our stakeholders to help protect planetary boundaries. It means helping businesses achieve responsible stewardship with long term social, economic and environmental balance in their operations by 2050….. and beyond. Together with our clients we have witnessed the dramatic improvement climate actions has made to businesses. Up to 20% reduction in water usage, and up to 50% savings in energy usage.

We use the model below to develop an understanding of the context, identify needs and develop a plan.


Phase 1

Current interaction with the environment and assessment of strategic sustainable targets


Phase 2

Skills & competencies review and gap analysis


Phase 3

Support roadmap developed with training interventions, policy development and mentor support

Driving People, Business, and Partners Forward

We have proven experience in bringing new and innovative programmes to market with industry partners. Our methodologies are based on industry insight, and collaborative research which enable us to implement solutions with real impact.

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