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Our Catchment Excellence programme is designed as a multi-stakeholder initiative that provides stakeholders (businesses, community and leisure groups and individuals) within a Water Catchment area with the opportunity to come together to form of local river groups to help protect and improve water quality in our waterways which is a key goal of the EU Water Framework Directive. For example in collaboration with the Rivers Trust, Macra Na Feirme, the Sustainable Enterprise Skillnet and pilot firm Nestle Wyeth a programme was developed to address water quality at a river basin level while helping to overcome the barriers to local corporate action.

Addressing water quality at the catchment level is complex. It is inextricably linked to business supply chains (including Agri-supply chains in particular), production processes, environmental and community impacts, reputational standing, and indeed workforce welfare. It is a challenge that requires a multistakeholder approach to identification and implementation of global, national and local action. Best practice has shown that working in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders is required for positive impact.

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Programme Delivery

The Programme is delivered as a blended mix of Online Learning Sessions, Live Planning Workshops, Field Trips and hands-on practical projects. Participants undertake guided field trips where they investigate water quality, citizen science and the role of community-led projects in protecting local water bodies
The long term objective is to replicate the impact of the programme in catchments across the country, providing industry with a mechanism to lead on water improvement projects in their local water basins.Contact us

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