EPA Research: Environmental SDGs & Enterprise in Ireland

20FIFTY Partners  has received funding under the EPA Research Programme to investigate the landscape of sustainable development in Ireland and assess the impact of selected stakeholders, policies and supports on SDG achievement.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call for change – a change to how we live, work, think and interact both with each other and with our environment to protect and secure our future and the future of the planet. To achieve radical progressive change in a broad range of interconnected areas (17 in total) across societal, environmental and economic domains, a whole of society approach to working towards the SDGs is required.

“The project places the team at 20FIFTY Partners at the forefront of development in this field in Europe and is a strong endorsement of the company’s growing reputation in Sustainability and Climate Action.”

This project sees the further expansion of the R&D team at 20FIFTY Partners’ Limerick offices which operates across areas such as Operational Excellence, Water Stewardship, Digital Business and Corporate Sustainability.