The Green Skills Gap.

Green skills are critical to the future, and unfortunately, a major source of anxiety for business leaders.  Luckily, 20FIFTY Partners are perfectly placed to meet this need.  An IDA Labour Market Pulse in December 2022 estimated that the Irish economy will need to fill over 20,000 new jobs by 2030 just to support leading Green economy sectors.  And we also know from a Microsoft COP27 report that most sustainability appointments are in-house selections.  A fact that only emphasizes the importance of investing in lifelong learning, training, and upskilling initiatives.

We know there is a very real and urgent need for all businesses to reduce their emissions, because the risk associated with not taking action far outweigh the cost of change.  In reality, inaction is not an option.  According to the Government Climate Action plan the Enterprise sector has a legally binding target to reduce its emission by 35% by the year 2030.  Businesses have the ambition but are struggling to turn strategy into action.

The top skills identified by enterprises as needed to support this transition include:

  • Waste management
  • Corporate sustainability strategy
  • Carbon management
  • Energy-efficiency design
  • Green procurement
  • Water management

20FIFTY Partner’s range of sustainability programmes are specifically designed to address this so-called Green Skills Gap.  We understand that measurable actions that create real and meaningful impact are what is required to generate change.  Our mission is to help all organisations develop the skills and capabilities to play their part in tackling the climate crisis and transition the world to a sustainable future.  Action-based learning is a fundamental component of all our programmes.  In order to graduate, participants must develop a charter, approved by Senior Management that becomes the basis of their sustainability action plan. All their effort pays-off with a plan that helps them turn strategy into meaningful action.

The Charters developed gives great insights into how businesses are turning strategy into action.  They demonstrate what the key drivers for these businesses are and the actions prioritised.  We take these actions and develop supports to enable organisations to implement their plan whether that involves further training, peer group communities-of-practice or longer-term advice.